Kids Emoji Pearl Necklace

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Introducing this dainty pearl necklace, perfect for the modern mom who wants to keep her style and her motivation close at hand. This necklace features dainty pearls adorned with kid emojis.

The kids emojis on this necklace are more than just cute adornments. They serve as a reminder of the joy and motivation that come from being a mom. Whether you are juggling work and family responsibilities or just need a little pick me up, this necklace will be a constant source of inspiration to keep going.

So, if you are a mom looking for a stylish and meaningful accessory, look no further than our dainty pearl necklace with kids emojis. It's the perfect wat to keep your motivation close to your heart, wherever your busy day takes you. 



  • 18K Gold Filled, waterproof, pearls 


  • 16" + 2" extension
  • can request another size in notes. 


  • We created this new necklace in 18k gold-filled so you can wear in the shower. 
  • We do recommend removing before swimming or using any chemicals such as perfumes & sunscreen for a longer lifespan.