About Us

Hey! I am Hannah B. & I design quality, versatile jewelry, to motivate busy moms.

As a new mom myself, I understand your desire of feeling put together, and our jewelry is the easy answer to self-love and feeling your best.

My jewelry and brand are fueled by emphasizing everyday beauties, motivating others, and giving back.

By wearing Hannah B. Jewelry, you are choosing to wear happiness, which will allow you to keep spreading joy to others.

My Story:

My love for jewelry is actually thanks to my mom! I remember spending hours after school stringing beads with her and my sister to make our own jewelry. My sister and I would then set up a table on the street, our own little pop-up boutique to sell our creations to the neighbors. I remember the feeling of satisfaction after a customer made a purchase and knowing that someone wanted to feel special by wearing our jewelry.
Fast forward to the summer before I started grad school for architecture. I was bored and feeling restless, which was just increasing my OCD. I knew I needed to find a creative outlet and it was easy to remember how joyful making jewelry had made me. I realized I wanted to continue in this venture to spread this happiness to others like you!
Fast forward again, and things have come full circle. I’m a mom now, and I have a completely different perspective on how much difference a piece of jewelry can make. I decided I wanted Hannah B. Jewelry to make quality, everyday jewelry that will help moms like you feel motivated, special and loved!
-By wearing a piece of Hannah B. Jewelry, you will feel put together, while being reminded of your loved ones and special connections. This will motivate you to conquer the day. 
I hope you love our pieces as much as I do.

Hannah B.