About Us

Hey there, I'm Hannah B., and I'm on a mission to design top-notch, versatile jewelry that's all about spreading joy and motivation, for everyone.

As a new mom myself, I get it – that longing to feel put-together while juggling the beautiful chaos of motherhood. But you see, our jewelry isn't just for moms; it's for anyone looking to add a little extra sparkle to their life.

Hannah B. Jewelry is all about celebrating life's everyday beauties, inspiring others, and giving back to the world. When you wear our pieces, you're not just accessorizing; you're choosing to wear happiness, and that joy will radiate to everyone around you.
My Story:
My passion for jewelry has its roots in my mom's influence. I remember spending hours after school, stringing beads with her and my sister, creating our own unique jewelry pieces. We even set up a little street-side boutique to share our creations with our neighbors. The satisfaction of seeing someone wear our jewelry and feel special was truly priceless.
Fast forward to the summer before I started grad school for architecture. I found myself restless and bored, and my OCD was just itching for a creative outlet. It didn't take long for me to remember the pure joy I experienced making jewelry. That's when I realized I wanted to continue on this path and share that happiness with folks like you!
Now, life has come full circle. I'm a mom, and my perspective on the impact of jewelry has completely transformed. I knew I wanted Hannah B. Jewelry to create quality, everyday pieces that empower everyone, making you feel motivated, cherished, and oh-so-special.

By wearing a Hannah B. Jewelry piece, you're not just enhancing your style; you're also carrying a piece of your loved ones and treasured connections with you, motivating you to conquer each day with confidence.

I genuinely hope you adore our pieces as much as I do.

Big hugs and lots of love, Hannah B. 🌟